Bingo is one the popular and most played games. In the watered down version known as housie played by even kids, it quite fun and does not require to be a genius to get a hold of the game. It is something that can be played with a lot of people and it’s one of the most played party games. Even in this people have figured many ways they could possibly grab a win or perhaps headway before others. Let us look into some of the strategies that can be employed while playing bingo so that we too can be on winning streak. Best Online bingo sites allow you to employ strategies to win.


If you have an auto daub option then only opt for multiple packs otherwise it will be difficult to track all cards and mark the number manually and there are chances of missing out when the number is called with few seconds in your hand.

Before you sit down to play a game get down to seeing all requirements to be met to win a prize and what patterns give you the money and how much. This awareness will help you to know you have won and claim a prize.

The interaction with other chatrooms players will get you more prizes as chatrooms have their own separate prizes, if you aren’t so interactive at least keep the chatroom window open and be alert when the chatroom moderator will announce the prize etc. This will be an added bonus to your earnings from bingo. Check the Best Online bingo sites here.

There are few people who actually sat down and worked out a system that could be followed while buying the cards one of them being Granville he devised the following method to be employed

  • The card should contain a combination of high and low numbers.
  • The odd and even numbers on the card should be in equal proportion.
  • You should have equal number of numbers ending with numbers 0-9.

There is another strategy devised by Tippett who gave us the following ways to use to increase our winning chances

  • Chose cards with numbers which range 1-75 in shorter games.
  • When playing blackout bingo ensure you chose cards that have numbers closer to 38.

To know the shorter versions and longer versions of bingo you will have to know that playing for smaller patterns are the shorter versions such as a straight line completion, first five etc. If the full house or blackout as it is know is the longer version of the game. This where you can employ Tippett’s strategies.

There certain Casinos which allow the players to trade their cards if you are not happy with them. So you can use the above any suggested strategies to you’re your advantage and win some really big bucks and not leave everything to Lady Luck. This may take a little time for you to get the hang of the game and the beginner can always enjoy the game and have some luck in his/her favour too.