Who doesn’t love to win and casino games are played to win. As you play and get the hang of it you will be looking forward to play and employ your ideas, some may work some may not. You formulate the working ones and get on playing

Types of strategies

Progressive betting system, the gamblers fallacy, the labouchere, the reverse labouchere, the d’alembert, the contra d’alembert, the martingale, the Fibonacci, the paroli, the 1,3,2,6.

Strategies in casino games

Play games that have lowest house edge.

Make sure you take advantage of rewards given by the casino.

Avail all the bonus offers and promotional offers too.

Progressive betting system is based on

Increase the stakes when you win and decrease stakes when you lose.

The parole system

Here when you win the wager you increase the stake if you lose then go back to the base stack.

Gambling fallacy system

Here the player should learn from the past mistakes. The gamblers fallacy is when we keep thinking that we would win the outcome and the outcome is against us every time when we aspire to get it right

And this is the gamblers fallacy and fall into the trap. So following the basic rules of probability is the solution for the above.

Martingale system

Here the person increases his wager when he loses his stakes because it is based on the fact that a person may not keep losing continually. But this a  flawed system. Double your base each time you lose is the principle of martingale rule.

Fibonacci betting system

Here the betting is done with the single betting unit. While moving, the next wagering is done to the next number in the sequence of the Fibonacci series after ignoring the zero at the beginning of the sequence.

The labouchere system

Here you will bet higher on the stakes as you lose by you will try to cover your losses by smaller wins over a period. Also the risk and reward both in the system and the flexibility of play is more popular among the players who employ this strategy.

The D’alembert system

Here the stakes are increased as you but more slowly compared to labouchere system, but this would make the make the gains also slower. And after getting back the gains the stakes are again lowered.

Above the most important and popularly used systems wherein none of them are foolproof though but still used by players.