Complete Guide for Obtaining Gambling License in Curacao

Curacao, a Caribbean island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations across the world. With beautiful beaches, coral reefs and islands, it offers excellent diving and outdoor activities for visitors. Besides all these attractions casinos has long been a part of vacationing in Curacao. Especially when it comes to e-gaming licensing, Curacao has strictly devised regulations since 1996 to regulate online gambling.

Requirements For Gambling License

To qualify for a Curacao Gambling License, one must provide a set of records and meet certain conditions. A certificate to prove no previous criminal record of the owner of the firm should be submitted which is not older than three months before date of application. Certified copies of passport, original back reference, original or certified copy of utility bills not older than three months has to be submitted. A detailed description of the games offered and technical support or software to be used in the gaming should also be documented. Random number generation (RNG) used in the game has to be ensured fairness should be certified. Reports on geographical market and target audience need to be provided. Proper regulation of restriction of underage users has to be declared by the owner and should be subjected to regular monitoring. The owner should host a minimum or back of the customer transaction database in Curacao. With all these basic documentation, the owner can undergo the scrutiny by legal authorities who approve a gambling license. When all paperwork is done properly three weeks should complete the processing and a license can be issued.

Gambling License in Curacao

Typical Costs Of The Licensing

Though the prices of various aspects of licensing can change on daily basis, we can have a tentative idea of the charges and the categories in which they are required. A local management company usually takes care of the filing of license and the administration process. They will also set yap the e-zone company for application of gambling license. This includes a one time incorporation fee of about EUR6000 – EUR6500; annual management fee of about EUR3500 – EUR5000 and monthly administration charges of about EUR200. On average first year can demand about EUR20000 from the owner side. The license fee includes a one time application fee of EUR1000, e-zone application yearly fee of EUR250 and an annual license fee of EUR4000 – EUR5000. In addition to these, there are charges for hardware located in the island to meet the permanent establishment requirement of licensing. This includes server cost of EUR1000 – EUR2000 and hosting cost of about EUR5000 – EUR6000 per year. Though these charges are tentative, several gambling license providers have variations in the charge. It takes careful analysis from the applicant to decide on the best deal and to get a reliable gambling license from Curacao.