Gambling in Thailand

Thailand is a colorful nation with a friendly population. Even though the rule in Thailand has alternated between constitutional monarchy and military coups, the country remains a friendly place for tourists. Entertainment in Thailand is available in abundance. However, gambling is essentially prohibited. However, there are many online Thai websites like gclub operating for Thailand gambling population.

The prohibition of Gambling can be traced to the Gambling Act of 1935 in the country. In spite of that, illegal gambling prevails in the country, majorly centered in Bangkok and some other towns.

In the blood

The Thai society has been active gamblers for quite a while. Betting on local games like bullfights and boat races are rooted in the Siamese culture. Towards the end of the 19th century, there was a surge in the gambling level in the country and a lot of new games were introduced along with the introduction of Huay lottery that grew very popular in Thailand.

During the time when gambling wasn’t illegal, a lot of problems arose due to it with people ending up in bankruptcy and an increase in criminal activity. This led to the eventual closure and prohibition of gambling in the with the exception of a few government venues.

Types of gambling in Thailand


Due to the widespread tourist industry in the country, casinos are present in abundance in Thailand. Legal casinos may not be available but illegally, there are many in the country spreading from Bangkok to other provincial areas.


Lottery came into Thailand via Chinese immigrants in 1820. It was officially employed by the government during the reign of King Rama III. Since then, government lotteries are commonplace. A lottery bureau regulates the draws that take place bi-monthly. It serves as a good revenue source for the government.

Sports Gambling

Sports gambling might be the most recent form of gambling in Thailand and probably the most popular. Online websites such as gclub offer different kinds of gambling for sports and betting enthusiasts. Football gambling became so widespread that during the South African World Cup more than 1700 people were arrested for gambling.
Gambling may be banned in Thailand but the population seems to be rooted in it as the online community of gambler in Thailand continues to grow year after year.