How To Play Domino Poker?

No one likes to lose game but unfortunately someone has to. There are times when people lose games because their luck didn’t work and there are also times when you can lose because you were not aware of rules and instructions. If you are going to play any game just out of excitement without knowing how it is played, you are surely going to lose.

Domino poker is the game which recently stepped in the world of games and not every gamer is aware of its technique and rules. If you have played this game or you are willing it to play it, then here is how you can do it.

Domino poker

Domino poker is just a version of card games which can be played by couples, three and four players. The cards are shuffled and distributed in the same manner in which normally cards are distributed. One of its players takes the card and shuffle them, after which few tiles are removed from the set. Before starting the game, every player is supposed to keep their betting amount which is followed by a minimum sum of money which everyone is supposed to bet. The fun of cards come from their probability and the betting! This game is unpredictable and that’s why it is also known as the game of luck.

Once, the amount is kept the cards are shuffled and their faces are lied down. Cards from the top are removed and finally they are distributed to the players. Each player is provided with 5 tiles which carry forward the game.

The game is played in very simple steps:

  • Players go through their cards and throw a card of their choice which they think can help them in winning. However, this thing has been allowed for only one round, after that players are not allowed to see their cards before betting.
  • Before throwing their cards, they need to fold it so that no one can see their cards.
  • After folding the cards players are supposed to put their wagers whose amount increases in every round and then finally goes to who so ever wins.
  • After that players can call for the cards and all the players are supposed to show their cards. Wager belongs to the person who so ever wins the game.

Now, when you know how to play domino poker go and rock the game with your skills.