Practical Tips for Playing the Book of Ra

If you like slot machine game, you should not miss the Book of Ra UK. This slot machine is actually offered at many online casinos these days. It can be played by beginners or experienced gamblers because of its simplistic nature. Basically, it boasts of 9 paylines, many bonus features, and big payouts

As you explore the dark and golden tombs of pharaohs with scarabs, here are some tips to help you get ahold of the treasures that wait:

Be familiar with the game

The first thing that you should do is to be familiar with the game especially if it is your first time playing. You must know that the explorer and pharaoh icons are the main symbols of this game. Finding five explorers in a row will land you with a total of 5,000 tokens. Finding five pharaohs in a row will land you with a total of 2,000 tokens.

The game has up to nine betting lines, which will allow you to bet up to nine credits for every line. You have the option to gamble your winnings through the activation of the Gamble button. If you want Free Book of Ra games, you should find at least three books. You will also have a free spin system.

Select nine betting lines

After getting accustomed to the format and basics of the game, you can finally start enjoying the game. Since it offers nine betting lines, you should maximise it. This is to increase your chances of winning. However, the bet amount should be minimum.

Practical Tips for Playing the Book of Ra

Create a strategy

There are many strategies that you can consider. You can start by protecting your bets and stretching your wager. You should also ensure that you do not waste any bonuses you already built up. If you are lucky enough to be dealt with gamble, you should think wisely. If you can afford the risk, the Gamble button is a great way to chase a jackpot win. However, if you are after a more secure return, you should continue playing with smaller bets and wait for more free spins.

Make the most out of your free spins

In the Book of Ra, there are no bonus games like other online slot machines. The only thing that you should look forward to is the free spin system. You should be aware that every winning spin could be gambled for a chance to double the winnings.

Do not be too confident

You have to keep in mind that you cannot twist the odds of winning in the Book of Ra with cheats and tricks. Since it is a game of chance, you only hope that you land a big winning. You should be patient and avoid being overly confident.