Roll ball gambling game


The theme of the game is that the gambling is offered as a provider for the bowling. Gambling ball online is that the ball is rolled on a board that will be numbered from one to the number twelve and here the position will be scrambled. Do you have the curiosity to know and play the game? Then let’s explore more about this game. There are also online rolling bets for this game. This is designed game which is a classical and a traditional one. The concept of the game has come from ring throw. This game is a children’s amusement park game. This is a children game. But with this type, designers have made this into a gambling game. This is based on the online live casino and named as judi bola gelinding online.

History of the game

This is just a folk game and later got modified. The way of playing judi bola gelinding online is like there will be a betting table which will read the numbers from one to the number twelve. These numbers are not in sequence that means they are not sequential. They are random. The listed numbers are available in two colours that is the black and the red. There will be a banker who is the dealer of the game. He will be at the table and that is his duty of rolling the ball on the board which is meant for the betting.

The method of playing

The ball will stop in a number and a colour and that particular number and colour is been said or stated as the result for the bet which wins. If you are going to put in the column of the betting, then you will get the payment for sure for the winnings of yours. There are digits, numbers line, column and also jackpot which will be paid for the type of the bets you have made in the gambling game.


There are 50-50 odds, and also there is large -small, red-black. There is also a kei which is called the tax for the winning and they are going to illustrate for the calculation. There will also be bet value, and this is will be around the value of ten thousand chips. If the results are odd, then it is considered as win. This online gambling game is also played in the smart phone. This is the era where the usage of smart phones has become popular and everyone owns a smart phone. There is access and all the games are triggered for the play through this smart phone. If you have the smart phone which is android bases and iOS based, then you can play the game.