The online casino world in Thailand

Gambling takes a new shape when it comes to Thailand. Thailand is a country whose population loves gambling but their government hates it. Thailand has some of the strictest laws in the world when it comes to gambling and hence the activity is under scrutiny all year round. Online casino Thailand has, as a result, gained popularity in the country.

The Gambling Act in Thailand sentences a person who is involved in the activity of gambling to fine or imprisonment. Only two forms of government regulated gambling are allowed in Thailand. Horse race betting and the national lottery.

Online gambling

However, this has not discouraged the population from gambling in the least. Studies estimate that 70% of Thais are bettors. In addition to a lot of underground betting activity, another form of gambling has surfaced. That is the online gambling.

There are no laws banning the internet gambling or online casino gambling. Games like slot machines and table and card games are illegal though so technically online gambling should be considered illegal.

The government doesn’t issue licenses for online gambling operators just like it doesn’t issue to land casinos. The government also uses sensors to block gambling operators.
Foreign online gambling operations

Gambling operators based outside Thailand accept Thai players though. There are many online casinos that are in Thai language and accept money transfers from Thai banks. While there are no risks to companies based abroad, Thai residents may be at risk as they still fall under the government jurisdiction.


Gambling is essential wastage of hard-earned money. This is more so common online as frauds and tricksters try to get money easily out of people. Unlicensed gambling websites use unfair play and refuse to give out money won by the players.

If you do choose to waste your money on gambling look for reputed websites with a proven track of payment and fair play.

Money transfer

Casino website offers a varied form of money transfer to the Thai population. There are various options for conversion and acceptance. Bitcoin is also becoming a popular option for online players.

Online casino Thailand is a thriving industry in Thailand, what is important is to find out whether the site you are dealing with is genuine or not.