Poker Calculator: Choosing Your Poker Software (Free / Paid)

If you are looking for poker assistant software to help you in the rooms. Or Poker stars, you will find in this article all the information to make your choice. Do you start with the assistant software? In the second part, we made a comparison to guide your choice of calculator / free or paid poker software. Much of this information is not available or very complicated to find in software publishers and online poker sites. You will know what is for you sites the best poker analyzer /poker software/odds calculator/probability calculator/poker statistics software, the cheapest possible and if it is compatible with your room in .fr!

How to choose your assistant software?

Poker assistant programs, also known as calculators, help you analyze your game and that of your opponents. You first need to choose a poker assistant solution adapted to  things:

Your  information needs

  • Poker software allows you to obtain the following information:
  • Your statistics: how much you win or lose with each hand, what position of the table, when, etc.
  • Those of your opponents :
  • A detailed history of the hands played by your opponents on the flop, the turn, and the river
  • Statistics per player: percentage of flops seen, turn raise, etc.

Live analysis:

In many rooms, you have the right to manually enter your cards and party data (adverse range, etc.) into an online poker odds analyzer tool.

The disadvantage of this practice is its slowness (impossible to do playing multi-table) and it takes up some of your attention. It is for this reason gambling cheating devices for sale  that we recommend players to learn 3 or 4 very simple techniques of mental calculation of odds in poker (article on the subject very soon) by resting trackers (analysis of data a posteriori )

A posteriori analysis

 That is to say from data concerning you and your opponents that you collected in your past (once a shot or a game over). It allows for example to know the style of your opponent pre-flop.

The poker variants you play

Some software is dedicated to poker tournaments. Others are specialized calculators for the cash-game.

Your poker room

In choosing the best poker software, you must of course check that the calculator is compatible with your poker site. In particular, it is necessary to ensure compatibility with the (for example and not It usually depends on one thing: is your room configured / configurable to save your hands in English? does it for example

Is it software to cheat at poker?

Before comparing poker calculators, a question arises: Is using calculator software the equivalent of cheating on poker?

Poker software gives you a definite advantage over players who do not use them or who do not even know them.

That said, an odds calculator or analysis of the stats of your opponents does not play for you: it only summarizes information that you have access to in normal times.

If you’re looking for examples of real poker cheats, check out poker cheats and demos showing players cheating on poker.