The different types of poker tournaments available

Poker is one of the most famous casino games in the world, and most likely you are familiar with at least one variant of the game. There are several ways to enjoy poker, either around the kitchen table with friends, at the casino or online. Those who wish to test their skills against other competitors can do so in certain poker tournaments. Click here to know about poker online Indonesia.

Freezout poker tournaments

Most poker tournaments, if not all, fall into this category. In general terms, in a freezout tournament, you are out when all your chips are sold out, with no option to buy back or re-enter. Almost all major types of poker tournaments are played in a freezout format. Visit this site to know about poker online Indonesia.


As the name implies, in these types of poker tournaments, players can buy again to enter the game when all their chips are sold out. This format is ideal for players who go through a bad run, as it gives them a second chance to win. But if they run out of chips again, they will be totally eliminated. It is important to remember that in live and online poker tournaments you can only buy back once in the early stages.

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Turbo and super turbo

In a turbo tournament, blind levels rise much faster than in traditional poker tournament. For example, in a normal game, the blinds increase every 15 minutes or so, but in a turbo tournament, they do it every five minutes. Also, if you play in a super-turbo format, the blinds will rise even faster. This type of poker tournament requires a special tactical approach, because you must concentrate on playing aggressively to avoid losing all your chips to the blind.

Bounty hunter

In bounty hunter poker tournaments, you pay a slightly higher buy-in, a portion of which will be the value of the reward that another player will win if he eliminates you. If you or any other player are eliminated from the tournament, the player who has executed the decisive blow will take the reward. For example, if each player has a value of 100 soles, and you eliminate an opponent, you will receive 100 soles. The main attraction of the bounty hunter formats in online or live poker tournaments is that it allows you to get money without having to win the tournament.


As the name says, the freeroll, or free tournament, is a type of poker tournament where you play without paying. Unlike most other poker tournaments, there is no buy-in in this format. However, some live and online poker tournaments may establish as an entry requirement that you have played a certain amount of competitive hands in their respective poker rooms. Freeroll games are a great opportunity to learn the nuances of poker without betting large sums of money.