Why Go Online for Poker?

Despite the popularity of online poker games, many are still hesitant to switch to this platform. It’s better to lay down all the benefits of choosing the online platform for the player to come up with an intelligent decision.

Game Selection

This is the primary if not the best reason to choose online poker or sbobet88 bola in Thailand. Even if you have a brick and mortar casino just across the street, your options for games will be limited to a few popular ones. When you have limited game options, it means that you have limited means to earn more money. Online, you have an endless list of options to choose from. Most serious poker players search online until they find the best game for them. It is unfortunate that there are poker players who don’t take advantage of this feature of online poker. They are content with what a single poker game can offer.

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Chance to Multi-table

Alternatif Sbobet88 and other poker sites spawned something that is not possible to do in a brick and mortar casino. This enables players to play more than one game at a time on different tables. This is an important advantage for a great player who consistently wins with a particular style of play. He can multiply his hourly earnings by playing more than one game at a time.

Lower Rake

The rake in online casinos is lower than the rake in a real physical casino. The standard online casino rake is 10 percent of the pot and $4 or $5 per hand. Online casinos have 5 percent with $3 max. It can even be lower in a low-stakes poker room. There are micro-stakes rooms with bet limitation of $.10 or less for every bet; these ones don’t have a rake. Players usually don’t mind the rake, and this can be disastrous for them.


With online poker, you are as closest as your computer to the online casino. Funding it is as easy as depositing money into your account. There is no need for you to drive, take public transportation, park, or walk to the venue. You don’t need to pay for gas money or take the risk of bringing huge amounts to the physical casino. You don’t have to shower and change clothes when you play poker. In fact, you can do many other things while playing Sbobet88 Indonesia. The truth is that the convenience of playing poker online extends beyond its proximity. It simply enables you to get on with your daily routine while playing poker.

Opponents Can’t Read Your Poker Tells

Players in real casinos may be able to reveal a lot about their cards through their unconscious and observable characteristics while at the poker table. These can be deduced from the way they breathe, talk, hold their cards, and the manner in which they react to different stimuli during the game. With online, all these are gone for good; these traits cease to be observable.


Anyone who wants to play poker will certainly find one or two benefits from playing it online instead of in a physical casino.