New online games taking over the world

Poker is an exciting game, it has been around for ages, there are different variations from each country, and it has been played by many, from people living in the streets long before to royals. The game of poker is filled with history, and it is still growing. During the 1980s a new version of poker was established in Indonesia, Tangkas. And now on since the world is developing you can play Tangkas online. It is available on many platforms, and is very easy to find.

Where to play it online?

            There are plenty of sites that you can play this on, if you search it up online you will be directed to a bunch of sites. One site being DEWA303, if you go on this site it will tell you how to play and will direct you towards the game. They will give you instructions so that it is easier for you, and you have no bumps along the way. There are other sites like indoagen, or There are many more sites, you just have to know where to look. And friendly reminder that most of the sites will be in Indonesian, but a little Google translate will fix all of that up. And so it may seem like this is it, but no, when you go on to these sites you have to register before you can play.


How to register?

            So it is not possible to just go on a site and start playing, you have to register into whatever site you are on. If you’re using DEWA303 then this is how you register. First of all you will have to go to their registration page and enter in your personal data. Create a username and password and hit confirm. Then you’re account is all set up, by hitting confirm you will also gain their customer service claim. If you have any trouble while setting this up you can contact customer service and they would help you get the job done. So to all of this will take about 5-7 minutes and it’s worth it because it’s free registration, and sometimes you get a 5% bonus as well. So you really can’t go wrong with registering for Tangkas online.

Where can you download it from?

            By now you must have registered, if so then the site that you have your account open to will directly lead you to the app. Then all you have to do is download it like a normal app, it will work on PC and mobile. If you want to download it for your computer you will have to get Java Script. Or you can just search it up for downloads on Google and download it directly from there.