Online Casinos In Korea

While ALL gambling is strictly forbidden in North Korea, and can be punishable by even Death, the Law is milder in democratic and much more liberal South Korea. Any citizen who breaks the law against gambling in South Korea can be punishable by a jail sentence of up to three years her, even if the actual act of gambling is carried out outside of the country, i.e. abroad. So Online Casinos have come as a blessed relief in this country, where the people are actually mad about gambling, and have been since time immemorial. Because, in spite of being proud owners of twenty three of the finest Casinos in the world being located all over South Korea, no Korean citizen is allowed in, and only Foreign Tourists are allowed to patronize the gambling here. But the coming of online gaming has completely bucked the trend, and a vast majority of adult Koreans are now participating in the secret delights of 더나인카지노 (The Nine Casino) and similar online games.

Playing Online Casino Games

The Real Gamblers

Online Gambling started off as simple “Gaming”, which meant that all the complex interesting tussles with Lady Luck were basically for the fun and excitement only. Bets were certainly placed by the Players, and Winnings declared after each round, but this was all imaginary…Virtual Money. No Real Money changed hands in these games; there was no “take” for the “House”, and no losses or winnings for the Players. Of course this managed to evade the eye of the Law, who gradually turned their gaze away. But Real Gamblers could not be satisfied, as the true incentive for Gambling is the desire to win Real Money, and it is this that sustains Real Gamblers.

Taking Care Of Real Gamblers

But Real Gamblers must be protected from Cheats and Criminal Organizations or else they will simply dwindle away. It is to protect these Real Gamblers that special security websites have been set up by the Gambling Community, like CAMO32. Real gamblers playing with Real Money are advised by CAMO32 and others so authorized to use only those Casino sites which have been verified as “honest brokers”.


This way, the banking and other antecedents of both the Gambling sites like 더나인카지노 (The Nine Casino)    and the Gambling fraternity are verified conclusively, before even the two sides can meet each other for mutual pleasure.