Pulsa Rescues Online Judi

 “JUDI” is Indonesian for “GAMBLING”. And “PULSA” literally translates to “PULSE”. JUDI has been around forever, at least in Human history. Ever since the days of Cave dwellings, Man has been gambling. Around the fireplaces of sheltered caves, amidst the debris left behind by the Hunter Gatherers who once lived there, were some marked bones. Archaeologists have determined that these were the first known Dice, with which our ancient forefathers gambled away the long hours spent resting in safety. But the advent of Online has revolutionized our way of living, and totally changed the way we gamble. Gambling has always been considered somewhat unrespectable by society, but not Online Gambling. Judi Deposit PULSA has made payment of small to medium bets easy.

Judi Transactions

Gambling Money Transactions seem to place a hurdle in the ease of playing online games. Two areas need to be covered. While winnings must be paid out on demand to the Customers, Deposits must be paid also into the first website to start playing. These Judi Transactions need to be solved. But the problem is that, in the Internet world of online gambling, all money is Virtual, while the outside world deals mainly in Real Money. This brings us to Judi Deposit PULSA.

Online Gambling Games

Focus On PULSA

PULSA is an Indonesian word meaning ‘Pulse’. It is basically a method of prepaying credit in small Pulses or Packets to make it possible to pay for small to medium gambling deposits. Two carriers are common. The first is a small credit card sized piece of printed plastic Scratch Card which carries a covered alphanumeric code. Financial organizations underwrite the transaction value of each prepaid card. The code is revealed by scratching and can then be inputted into the payment segment of the online gambling game to create the deposit, and hence start the game. The second method id simpler and consists of phone to phone transfer of the code against actual Real Money cash payment. This code is held safe from hackers in the buyer’s mobile phone, which can then be used to pay the deposit in online gambling games.

Judi Assistant PULSA

Since both forms of PULSA are easily available, not only in Indonesia, but also in almost all the South East Asian countries, PULSA is now known as the assistant of online Judi. So unequalled is its success, the PULSA method is now being eagerly received in both Europe and the American Continent.