Tips for Playing Spin and Go Tournaments

Most of the sites for judi poker online are having the sped-up versions of Spin and go game, like winamax in which they are offering PokerStars and Expresso Notro in which the game is known as Spin and GoFlash.

In both the games, the players are starting with just 300 chips and are playing one-minute levels in the hyper turbos. That is why they are given names like spin and go flash tournaments. They are in the flash.

You are registering for these tournaments similarly like any other poker tournaments on most of the poker sites.

When you are in the lobby then do below things:

  1. Find the area or tab when the Spin and Go is playing
  2. Select that
  3. Choose the type of Spin and Go which you want to play

When you are looking at the PokerStars as an example, then you will find not just the standard Texas hold’em Spin and Go games but also various others.

On PokerStars in judi poker online, you will also find the pot-limit Omaha games and various other variants of it like Spin and Go Flash games. There is also Spin and Go Max available.

The last one is featuring the version for 3 to 8 players, a hand countdown and the triple prize spin after which the game will be gone to all-in-mode.

You will also notice various varieties of buy-in levels. In PokerStars there I real money games which are starting from 0.25$ and going up to 500$. You can see that with each buy-in the maximum prize pool could be the lucky winner.

Judi onlineThe multiplier in these games is going up till 10,000x times and the biggest possible prize pool of 0.25$ game would be 25,000$. You will be able to choose to play a certain number of games at once. A maximum of 5 games can be played in PokerStars.

Once you have chosen the buy-in level and the number of games which you want to play than just click on Play now and you will be immediately seated at the next available table.

The prize pool is determined randomly before the starting of the game which can be shown on the slot machines and the spin of the numbers in PokerStars.

Then you are dealing with your first two hole cards and the game will begin. In other words, you can say that first you spin and then you go.

How much can be Won

The lottery aspect of the spin and go means that sometimes the players will so win the lottery, so normally speaking there are enormous winning to enjoy.

There are also special promotions on the sites which are mentioned.