Tips On Playing Poker Tournament

Poker Tournament is a fantasy for almost every online poker player. There are players who have little or no chance of making the final table or winning. These kind of online poker players want a quick checklist to go over before they play a tournament. Poker Tournament strategy has advanced in leaps and bounds. The simple strategies that used to work before will no longer cut it at the modern tournament tables. Here are some tips for players of all skill levels.

Open small and often

This phrase made the pre-flop strategy of almost every tournament regular for years. Raising small and often works against weaker opponents. Especially in late position. It is when there are only a few opponents left to pass when you want to widen your opening range. In these spots, it is important to have a good idea of how the math works. As well as what types of hands you expect your opponent to call with. It is better to ignore opening charts when it comes to late position. You should focus on your opponents instead.

Defend your big blind

You to have to do your best to defend a lot from the big blind. A small open raise only has to work half of the time to profit. The burden is on the big blind to stop people from raising too often. The big blind always has generous pot odds. It allows you to defend more often. You could defend every hand with raw equity higher than your given price if there was no post-flop. But raw equity is not a number you should rely on. You need to reach showdown to realize equity. Reaching showdown is not that easy. It is near impossible to construct a perfect defending range. This is because of unlimited post-flop scenarios and board runouts. A good way to estimate is to defend with a range that is close to prevent the open-raiser from gaining profit.

3-Bet like it is a cash game

Things change as stacks get closer to 100 big blinds. The correct approach to 3-betting is like that of a cash game. Your opponents are more incentivized to continue against your 3-bets with deeper stacks. This can lead to tough situations with marginal hands. It is sometimes better to 3-bet with a linear range against fishy players. This means more thin value bets and fewer bluffs.

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Do not continuation bet every hand

Players used to put a lot less thought into which boards connect with which player’s range. Players now are much more aware of how things work. Check-raise bluffing has become more common and more nuanced. Players do not try to bluff in terrible spots anymore. Most are capable now of giving some thought to what they represent. A tournament player’s train of thought here will often relate to their actual holding. Once you have trained yourself, it will only take a second or two for you to come up with a game plan.

You should always remember that the variance factor in tournaments is huge. You should also practice good bankroll management. You can play Poker Online Terpercaya if you want to practice. It is always better to gain more experience before you join a tournament.