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A Peep Through The Curtain Of Sports Betting, All You Need To Know About Sbowin, ‘Sports Betting.’

Betting is a phenomenon where wagering of money takes place, commonly known as “the stakes” on an event where the result is unpredictable and, with winning money as the central motive. The sbowin betting cannot take without these factors; Risk of losing and, prize.

Sports betting is such an event where the bettors predict the results of a sports game and keep on raising stakes until the game ends. Sports betting happens everywhere in the world and is legal in many states of the United States. The majority of the sbowin bets are placed on sports like Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Horse-riding and, Cricket. There is a massive market for betting on Cricket in India.

Sports Betting


  1. Straight Bet: The most basic kind of betting in sports is the straight betting. A betting line or point-spread is set, and the bettors can either put their stakes on the favorite and give-up the points or place their bets on the underdogs and gain points. To bring the cash, the favorite must win the game with more points than the set point spread, and the underdog has either to have an outright win or must lose with less score than the set point spread.
  2. Money line Bet: This kind of betting has no point spread, and ultimately want the selected team to claim outright win.
  3. Total Bets: This betting system focuses mainly on the scores of both teams. In case the combined total is the same as the stated total, the bet is said to be a push.
  4. Proposition Bets: These bets are placed on specific outcomes of a match and is not related to the final score. Like in cricket if a player will hit a four or a six in say sixth over.
  5. Parlays:  A set of multiple bets, in this the bettor is rewarded with a higher payout only when all stakes in the parlay win. At least two bets are needed.

Sports betting can be entertaining, and it gives people a chance to make money. Gambling can be fun for many people, but it can be a problem if this harmless fun turns into an addiction. Sports betting leads to match-fixing in many sports events which can not only hurt sentiments of fans but also can ruin the careers of many players. Many countries have not criminalized betting but have regulated. Where it is illegal, people place bets and wager money through bookies(illicit bookmakers) or place bets on the internet, known as online betting, where there are thousands of bookies who accept wagers on sports around the world. The legalization of sports betting is still a big question.